YSR Free Crop Insurance Scheme

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan mohan Reddy recently launched the YSR free Crop Insurance Scheme. Under the scheme 1,252 crores of rupees has been credited into the bank accounts of 9.48 lacs of farmers as crop insurance.


The YSR free Crop Insurance Scheme was one of the promises made by Jagan during his 3648 km long Yatra. Earlier the farmer had to pay his share for availing Crop Insurance in the state. The new scheme does not demand the share from the farmer.

Other schemes of Andhra Pradesh government

Jagan Anna Vidya deevena scheme

Under the scheme the Andhra Pradesh government will provide 100% fee reimbursement to students from poor category. The scheme will help students to pursue their education without worrying about expenses. It was launched in 2019 .

YSR Pelli Kanuka Scheme

Under the scheme the state government of Andhra Pradesh will provide financial assistance to the brides of different crafts on the occasion of their marriage.

YSR Arogyasri

Under the scheme the beneficiaries are to avail free treatment up to 2.5 lacs of rupees per annum .

YSR Kapu Nestham Scheme

Under the scheme the women belonging to the age category between 45 and 60 years and belonging to the caste Kapu, Telaga, Balija and Ontari received financial assistance.

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme

The scheme is a part of navarathnalu. Main aim of the scheme is to educate children from class 1 class 12. The scheme will provide financial assistance of Rs 15,000 to the mothers or Guardians of children attending school.

YSR Navasakam Scheme

Under the scheme the beneficiaries list was created. New separate cards were issued to the beneficiaries to avail the benefits of other schemes such as YSR matsyakara Bharosa, Jagan Anna Vidya Deewana card, interest scheme, Jagan Anna vasathi Deevana card.


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