World’s oldest rhino’ dies in Tanzania

Fausta, a female black rhino, who was believed to be the world’s oldest rhino has died at the age of 57 in a Tanzanian conservation area.  Fausta died of natural causes in captivity in Ngorongoro Crater, which lies in Ngorongoro Conservation Area of Tanzania.

Key Highlights

The records kept by Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority showed that Fausta lived (longer) than any rhino in world. She survived free-ranging in Ngorongoro, for more than 54 years before being kept in a sanctuary for last 3 years of its life in 2016. Hher health deteriorated from 2016 after hyena attacks, thus she was taken into refuge.

Fausta was first located in 1965 at the age of between 3 and 4 years’ old by a scientist. However, Fausta survived 57 years without bearing calves.

Average Rhino Life: As per Ngorongoro authority, Rhinos’ life expectancy is around 40 years in wild but they can live an extra decade in captivity.

About Black rhinoceros

They are also called as ‘hook-lipped rhinoceros’. This species of rhinoceros although is referred to as ‘black’, but its colors vary from brown to grey. They are smaller of two African species (other being the white rhinoceros’ species), and are found around south and east Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

IUCN Status: Critically endangered; (although South-western black rhinoceros is classified as vulnerable).

According to charity ‘Save The Rhino’, Black rhinos who are now decimated by poaching, now numbers only around 5,500.


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