World Down Syndrome Day

On 21st March, World Down Syndrome Day is observed. This day is observed annually since 2006.


  • 21st March was selected to observe this day as 21 signifies the triplication of the 21st chromosome due to which Down syndrome occurs.
  • World Down Syndrome Day is observed annually to create public awareness about Down syndrome.
  • Down Syndrome babies have an extra chromosome that changes how the body, as well as the brain of the baby, develops. There is an extra chromosome present in the bodies of babies with down syndrome known as Chromosome 21.
  • People with down syndrome generally have low IQ and speak slowly as compared to other children.

History of this day

This day was first observed in 2006. In that year the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Down Syndrome worked in tandem with the Down Syndrome International to launch a campaign to generate awareness for this disease.

The UN General Assembly in 2011 adopted a resolution to observe World Down Syndrome Day annually on March 21.

The UNGA decided that this day will be observed annually from 2012.

Theme of 2022

“Inclusion Means” is the theme that has been selected for this year’s World Down Syndrome Day. This theme has been selected so that efforts can be made to include people with down syndrome no and discrimination is done against them.



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