What is Karakattam?

Karakattam is an ancient folk dance of Tamil Nadu. It involves performers wearing colourful saris and balancing a pot (karakam) on their heads while dancing. The dance is said to invoke the goddess of rain, Mariamman. Although the dance has been around for a long time, it gained popularity through the success of the Tamil film Karakattakkaran (1989).

What is Karakattam?

The Karakattam dance form is a mixture of multiple dance forms in Tamil Nadu. The dance form derives its postures and mudras from Bharatanatyam. The dance is performed for folk Carnatic music. The music played for the dance is called Amirthavarshini.

How is the dance performed?

The performer carries a well-rounded pot in his or her head. He makes his dance moves balancing the pot. The pot has rice grains and sprouts. It symbolizes prosperity. The

What are the different types of Karakattam?

There are two different types of Karakattam. They are as follows:

Aatta Karakam: This dance form of Karakattam symbolises joy and happiness. It is performed mainly for entertainment

Sakthi Karakam: This dance form is performed only in temples and is dedicated to the deity in the temple. Dancers cannot perform this dance form for recreation.

What is the current state of the Karakattam dance in India?

Some people have criticized the Karakattam for becoming low-brow and vulgar in recent times. However, V Durga Devi, a well-known Karakattam dancer from Salem, has received recognition for her art from the government. This recognition helps to promote and preserve traditional art forms.

Are Karaga and Karakattam the same?

No, they are different. Karaga is performed in Karnataka and Karakattam in TN. The Karaga is dedicated to Goddess Draupadi. The performance of Karaga is very much similar to Karakattam. The Karaga dancers too carry a pot during their performances. However, the pot is filled with water.

Why is Karakattam in the news?

This dance form found mentioned in the recent Maan Ki Baat episode. The famous performer V Durga Devi was mentioned by the PM.



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