What is Ispati Irada?

Ispati Irada is a collaborative branding campaign launched by the Ministry of Steel during a Chintan Shivir organized on 23rd September 2019 by the Ministry.
Ispati Irada campaign is launched for understanding the important role that the core sector of the steel industry can play in realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of $5 Trillion Economy by 2025. Taking the steel industrial sector to new heights will contribute to the country’s overall growth as steel determines the quality of products of all major sectors consuming steel as raw material. Production capabilities, efficiency, and quality is critical for the growth and manufacturing of the highest quality of heavy engineering products, for which the highest quality of steel is required.
The Campaign’s objective will for promoting appropriate usage of steel in the country and to create awareness about the role of steel in bringing strength to the society.

Why in news?
The Union Minister for Steel and Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday, December 16, participated in the ‘Steeling India-2019: Driving metal intensity in key sectors’ and called for Ispati Irada that will drive the steel demand growth in the country.

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