What is IMX/CE-23?

The International Maritime Exercise/Cutlass Express 2023 (IMX/CE-23) is being organized in the Gulf region from February 26 to March 16, 2023. The exercise aims to enhance maritime security and ensure safe sea lanes for maritime commerce, with over 50 nations and international maritime agencies participating. It is one of the largest multinational maritime exercises.

India at the IMX

INS Trikand, an Indian Navy ship, is participating in IMX/CE-23. This is the Indian Navy’s first IMX participation, and its second exercise with the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), after participating in Operation Sea Sword 2 in November 2022. Participation in exercises like these strengthens relationships, enhances interoperability and collective maritime capability, and enables constructive contributions to regional stability and security in the Indian Ocean region.

Where is the International Maritime Exercise conducted?

In the East African coastal region and the West Indian Ocean. Countries from North America, East Africa, and the West Indian Ocean countries participate in the exercise.

US Africa Command. It is led by the US Naval Forces. The US Africa Command is also called the US AFRICOM. The Headquarters of the US AFRICOM is in Stuttgart, Germany. It was established in 2007. The area of responsibility of US AFRICOM is all over Africa except Egypt.

US AFRICOM is one of the 11 Unified Combat commands of the US military. The other ten commands, their headquarters, and their areas of deployment are as follows:

  • Central Command: US CENT COM: Florida, USA: Gulf and the Arab countries
  • European Command: US EU COM: Stuttgart, Germany: Europe
  • Indo-Pacific Command: US INDO PAC COM: Hawaii: Asia
  • Northern Command: US NORTH COM: Colorado, USA: North America
  • Southern Command: US SOUTH COM: Florida: South America
  • Space command: US SPACE COM: Colarado
  • Cyber Command: US CYBER COM: Maryland
  • Special Operations Command: US SO COM: Florida
  • Strategic Command: US STRAT COM: Nebraska
  • Transportation Command: US TRANS COM: Illinois




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