What is “George Floyd” protest in news currently?

The United States is facing nation wide protests over the death of an African American George Floyd.


George Floyd, an African American man of age 46 died after the police arrested him near a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This has created the current unrest in the country.

Mr Floyd was from Houston and has been living in Minneapolis several years. He was left jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was reported to the police by a shopkeeper to have used a counterfeit currency.

People even claim that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is back

Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Movement is an African-American movement that campaigns against violence and racism towards black people. The movement campaigns against killings of black people, police brutality, racial profiling and racial inequality in the United States. The movement began in 2013. The movement spread to Canada, Australia and Germany as well.


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