US names Cuba as State Sponsor of Terrorism

The United States recently designated Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism.

What is US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism?

The United States lists the countries that repeatedly provide support for acts of international terrorism under the State Sponsors of Terrorism. The list was first released in 1979 with Iraq, Libya, Syria and South Yemen in it.

What is the history of US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism?

Cuba was added in 1992, Iran in 1984. Later North Korea and Sudan were added in 1988 and 1993 respectively. Later South Yemen was removed in 1990. Iraq has been removed twice from the list, once in 1982 and then again in 2004. Libya was removed in 2006. North Korea was removed in 2008 and again re-added in 2017. Cuba was removed in 2015 and has now been re-added.

What are the other countries that are currently in the list of state sponsors of terrorism?

Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Which country was recently removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism?


Why was Sudan removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism?

Sudan was recently removed to sign Israel-Sudan Normalisation Agreement. The agreement was signed in October 2020 to normalize relations between Israel and Sudan. The agreement was signed after Bahrain and UAE signed peaceful agreements with Israel.

What are the issues between Cuba and US?

Between 1908 and 1902, Cuba had become a US protectorate as per Treaty of Paris. By 1958, after Cuban revolution, the US-Cuba relations had further deteriorated. Later again in 2016, a peculiar syndrome had affected US diplomats visiting Havana. It was named the Havana Syndrome and it further soured the relationship between the countries.

What sanctions can US place listing a country under State Sponsor of Terrorism List?

The United States can place four categories of sanctions on countries that are part of the list. They are as follows:

  • Restrictions on US foreign assistance
  • Ban on defence exports and sales
  • Controls over exports of dual use items
  • Miscellaneous financial and other restrictions


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