What is your view are the four new elements which are to be added by India in the policy matrix?

PM Modi in his version 2 has acted fast to bolster his priorities on foreign policy. He is led by the aim of fostering the position of India in the world and has started by building up the position in the neighbourhood. This was a clear message which was garnered by the PM visit to the Maldives and the visit of External Affairs Ministers Jaishankar to Bhutan. Although there have been serious hiccups in pursuing neighbourhood goals with Pakistan and China, Indian ties with Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Myanmar showed remarkable progress. The approach has shifted from SAARC to BIMSTEC. The Maldives visit was a message that there has been a monumental shift in India-Maldives relations. The visit also showed that India has already started the implementation of the extension of financial assistance and funding of projects via an $800 million Line of Credit with a special focus on people-oriented welfare measures.
Even the visit of PM Modi to Sri Lanka was notable as he conveyed the solidarity with the people of Lanka as the nation is trying to overcome the shadows of the Easter Sunday attacks. However, there are four minor elements which need to find a place in the current policy stature. First is the make cooperation the major goal and not look for reciprocities. Second, India should focus on working on projects which have a quick impact on the socio-economic lives of people. Third, it is a wise move to go ahead with a trilateral partnership of development. Fourth the shift towards BIMSTEC has to be maintained.


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