Indian stance on Pakistan that talks and terror cannot go together runs anti to the idea of reconciliation. Explain.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has called on the Indian PM for resolution to the impending issues between the two countries notably the Kashmir issue, Siachen Glacier and also the Sir Creek matter. India has maintained that both the nations should properly demarcate the current ground positions of the troops and also all the agreements and maps be drawn. There should be no violation of any kind once these positions are defined. Pakistan has to agree to this minimum stance before moving further on any issues. There is a growing realisation in Kashmir that they don�t have any advantage in joining Pakistan and if they do so they will be met with similar fate as PoK and Khyber Pakhtunwala. The ailing economy of Pakistan shows that the country has nothing much to offer and the state of J&K will be highly exploited. Indian refusal to the proposal of Imran Khan can be taken in the negative light that the Indian state is looking at a muscular approach. PM Modi also declined the Pakistani offer to use its airspace for passage of PM Modi�s flight. This definitely links to a continued confrontation with the country. Thus, the developing stance of Indian government that there is no ground for terror and talks going together as India has always co-existed with the Indus Water Treaty which happened along with on-going terrorism and even wars. India should not ignore the positive signs sent by Imran Khan government to move ahead with the policy of reconciliation, hold talks as he has brought fresh air to the politics of his country. Indian willingness to accept the offer to talks will also be a hit to the Pakistani military which will have to take a back-seat.


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