The lack of nuances on social media arises from the limitations of the medium itself. Comment.

The biggest truth of the public life in this age is that it is wired via social media which is replete with abuse, insinuation, etc. Many people who have been known to be kind and generous often take on special online personalities which are as bad as being malicious. Latter is facilitated by the complex algorithms of social media engines which fully leverages the two-dimensions of the electronic screen and there is no account for the facial expressions, intentions, and even the past histories of the individuals. These algorithms are powered by the judgmental attitudes which people develop for each other. This reduces the multidimensionality which otherwise helps minimize misreading on these engines. Thus, the basic model of human interactions used by these social engine algorithms are limited by three factors namely the developing programmability of code into a model of human interactions, the premise that human interaction with 10 people is the same as with 10000 people and any simple �like� or �retweet� is seen as a pronounced pattern. As a result, the language of abstractions has emerged as the only medium of subsuming a big variety of meaningful experiences. Also, the terms which described human societies like loyalty, commitment, trust have actually made way for these terminologies. The unprecedented scale of interaction is thus marked by the stranger phenomenon of interactions led by a host of algorithms to give meaning o nuances.


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