Critically examine the idea of so called "Flexi Pool"of officers as suggested by NITI Aayog to share the work load of PMO? How are the officers proposed to be recruited in Flexi Pool?

NITI aayog would create a flexi pool of nearly 100 experts of different ranks ike advisors, deputy advisors, senior advisors, senior research officers who can be hired on deputation or on contract. It is based on The Sindhushree Khullar-led task force on restructuring NITI Aayog secretariat which had in 2015 suggested three divisions under the Aayog’s chief executive. These include the Team India hub (TIH), a flexi pool and a Knowledge and Innovation Hub (KIH). 
Flexipool would help the government by:

  • Reduce the burden of Prime Minister’s Office which has been growing as major decisions are being taken at this level
  • Bring efficiency to government policy making and functioning through their talent and expertise.
  • Facilitate lateral recruitment by government
  • It would provide opportunity to those outside to contribute in government and policy making

Flexipool currently envisaged to share workload in PMO  may:

  1. Undermine the working and decision making power of ministries.
  2. NITI aayog is currently facing problem with framing recruitment
  3. Incentive needs to be good to attract the best talent

PMO already has selected officers from Indian Civil Services, difference may crop up between those from outside and insiders as they better understanding of on ground implementation of policies.

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