"Feasibility factor in north east allows the insurgents to use violent means for political ends."Explain.

Model Answer:
The two most obvious material conditions for rebellion are financial and military. A rebel army is huge and more expensive when compared to political organization, and to raise such heavy fund from within the country to manage the organization is difficult. This has been the reasons for most of the insurgent groups of India for not been military feasible. But, the resistant faced by Indian army in effective counter-insurgency measures, from insurgency groups in north east shows a clear picture of various viable insurgency feasibility factor in north east. The long International Border of India in north east region is porous and has resulted in easy flow of arms, illegal immigrations; drugs to India. Due the porous border, the insurgents can easily flee to neighboring countries such as Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh and also establish their underground insurgent bases. Moreover, the youth of north east is vulnerable to drug addiction due to the flourishing drug trade in the so called Golden Triangle. Certain insurgent groups such as UNLF, NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) have used drugs as a tool to attract youth towards insurgency. The easy availability of arms to insurgents enables them to sustain their movements. All the prominent insurgent groups in North East possess AK series of rifles, advanced assault rifles and other weapons and explosives.


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