(a) Explain why the Nazis encouraged membership of the Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens.(b) 'In the years 1933 to 1939 there was support for the Nazis from all sections of German society.' Explain why you agree or disagree with this view.

 (a): After the seize of power, Nazis controlled the education system. The primary aim was to indoctrinate the German youth with the Nazi ideology. The creation of organization like the Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens supplemented this procedure. All the boys above the age of 14 years were required to join the Hitler Youth. The Nazi government was deliberately trying to destroy the traditional bonds like loyalty to family. The children were thought that their first and foremost duty is to obey Hitler, whom was now called Fuhrer. This was a success as now children were betraying their parents to Gestapo (secret police). Hitler had dreamt of ‘a thousand year Reich’ and to achieve that the present generation of children had to be thoroughly indoctrinated to provide a firm foundation.
(b): An ordinary German was happy and satisfied under the Nazi regime. Rule was not only based on terror except, of course, Jews, gypsies and communists. There were several reasons why Germans supported the Nazis:

  • Nazis were able to provide strong and decisive government, completely opposite to Weimer Republic.
  • Unemployment was eliminated by 1939 with the help of large public undertakings and projects. Conscription was re-introduced in 1935 which also helped in providing employment to youths.
  • Workers were also taken care of, many social security schemes, paid holidays, cheap concert and theater tickets etc.
  • Wealthy industrialists were also feeling safe as danger of communist takeover was now impossible.
  • Farmers also benefitted due to the policy of self-sufficiency in food production. Prices of agriculture products were fixed which ensured reasonable profit for farmers.

At last, Hitler was also able to gain the support of the military. Both Nazis and military hated the Versailles Treaty.


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