To what extent, the idea of Cooperative Federalism undermines the constitutional mandate that India is after all a federal state with strong unitary features? Critically Examine.

According to Indian Constitution India is union of states which has strong center and has separation of powers between center and states.But in this system a politically motivated center can show nepotistic attitude and can be an obstacle in the process of development of states.After NDA govt. came into power they started several platforms to implement the thought of cooperative federalism which symbolizes the mutual growth and respect of center and states. NITI ayog(National institution for transforming India) is such a one which can give some recommendations in the place of former Planing commission.the main reason behind it is to give proper space for states in their path of their own progress.Devolution of divisible tax pool among states from 32% to 42% on the recommendations of 14th finance commission is also one sharp move in the context of cooperative federalism.But on the other side of the coin we can see some loop holes where Kerala govt. will be least benefited with Jandhan yojana,Beti bacho like schemes as they have considerable progress in respective sectors.and Rajasthan,Haryana like states demand to reduce the quota of centrally sponsored schemes or to disband them completely so one size can’t fit for all.the authority of total 66 centrally sponsored schemes whether to continue or transfer to states or to disband was given to a chief minister’s subgroup within the preview of NITI ayog which is great peril to our quasi federal structure of Constitution.all these steps collectively diluting the spirit of our constitution but on the other hand they are strengthening the Indian states and center in the aspects of mutual respect and collective growth,peaceful relations and harmony which is the ultimate dream of our Forefathers of Constitution.


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