20 Model Questions on GS-II: Major Issues Pertaining to Federal Structure for UPSC Mains Examinations

  1. Comment on the recent criticism of the Enforcement Directorate in India. What can be done to remove its shortcomings?
  2. Discuss the powers of the Governor with respect to the elected government in states. What are the challenges to the smooth functioning of this system?
  3. The true federalism can only be achieved in India by adequately empowering third tier of Indian federal structure. Analyse.
  4. While the political decentralization in India has been fairly successful, it faces several hurdles at fiscal and administrative fronts. Comment.
  5. Enumerate the provisions within the institutional architecture of India to resolve inter-state disputes. Assess their effectiveness.
  6. Highlighting the grievances of states towards centrally sponsored scheme, enumerate the steps taken by government to redress them.