While highlighting the demands of the referendum in Catalonia, critically discuss if Spain's response is justified. Discuss.

Catalonia is one of the  Spain’s 17 autonomous regions and enjoys a relatively large level of autonomy, except over the areas of infrastructure and taxes. 
Catalan regional parliament approved a referendum on independence from Spain. Catalan culture and language which was suppressed for long and is experiencing a resurgence along with call for Independence. Global economic downturn of 2008, separatist Catalans felt disproportionately affected by cuts and economic hardship, fuelling renewed calls for independence.
Spain’s constitutional court ordered a suspension of the referendum claiming it to be breach of constitution. Spanish government is trying to prevent voting by resorting to violence and use of police force.
a)Catalonia is one of the wealthiest regions of Spain and independence would cost Spain huge economic set back in terms of resources.
b) Violence would further create a feeling of animosity between the Catalans and rest of Spain.
c) Violence has been condemned by most of the European nations.
Thus resolution of the issue peacefully by both the sides is needed to prevent further escalation of crisis.


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