Ban on genetically-modified crops has not just restricted the farmers from accessing technology but is also promoting flourishing of an illegal market. Comment.

Genetically-modified crops are banned in India despite being grown in other parts of the world like the US and Canada. It has been proven that these crops are safe and moreover the GM crops relatively bring down the costs involved as the attacks by pests are reduced and there is an increase in production. Indian farmers who are already in distress are not able to drive benefits from these crops as they stand banned. The ban has also led to the flourishing of an illegal market and it is no secret that the adverse effects of an unregulated market are very high. Even though the government had allowed cultivation of Bt-Cotton only as a non-food crop yet in many parts cotton-seed oil which is extracted from these plants is common. It is thus clear that these crops have already entered the food chains in the country. So, the government should take prudent and timely steps to check the menace and draft suitable policies for the same.


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