Account for the spatial pattern of the Aluminum ore in the World.

Metal aluminum is obtained from bauxite. Bauxite is first converted into alumina and alumina is further processed to obtain the final metal. Due to its lightness and durability, aluminum is becoming increasingly important and is replacing copper in the field of electrical and other metals where lightness is desired. Bauxite occurs widely in clay deposits but not all deposits are economically workable.

The leading producers of bauxite in the world are Australia, Jamaica, Guinea, Brazil, US and Russia. Surinam, Guyana, Hungary, Greece, France and Yugoslavia are also important bauxite mining countries. India also has sufficiently large deposits of bauxite in Deccan Trap, Chhota Nagpur Plateau and Ranchi and Palmau districts in Bihar. Besides for making aluminums, bauxite finds appli­cation for other industrial purposes also.


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