2018-Mock-8: Case Study-6

What are the available options with you? Explain your courses of action.
The options available with me are:

  • First option is to reserve the park only for the use of small children and senior citizens, and restrict all kind of teenager’s activities in the park.
  • Second option available is to recommend or set time sheet during which senior citizens and teenagers can utilise the park. For example, senior citizens should use the park for morning and evening walks; whereas teenagers can utilise the park in the afternoon for playing.

What course of action you will take on the petitions submitted by the people and why?
My immediate priority as a police commissioner would be to stop the immoral activities happening in the park. I will instruct the concerned police station in-charge to take immediate steps to enquire about the immoral activities happening in the park and take necessary steps to prevent such activities.
Next I will consult the local corporation to address the issue. Even teenagers need space for recreational activities. It would not be a prudent action to prioritise one section of citizens (Senior citizens or children’s or teenagers) against the other. Will request the local government to find a suitable place so that the all the groups can be accommodated.
Until the new space is provided I will fix a timeline for teenagers and senior citizens and children to the park so that each one could have access to the place. I will also encourage teenagers to be aware of the plight of the senior citizens and children so that more vulnerable groups are accommodated.
What is the present solution for this problem? How will you achieve a permanent solution to this problem?
Here there are two problems

  • Access to public places ‘
  • Immoral activities

Increased pressure on land and lack of urban planning has restricted the avenues of public spaces. The town planning authorities must ensure availability of public spaces for recreational activities of teenagers, children’s and senior citizens by building play grounds for teenagers and parks for small children and senior citizens.
Increasing immoral activities is due to increasing disconnect of teenagers with the family and evil influence due to rapid penetration of internet and social media. Awareness campaigns about the wise use and potential harms due to the misuse of internet and social media needs to be undertaken in schools and colleges. Deepening of family bonds can be another way of addressing such immoral activities. A sensitive police can be of great help in effectively curbing of immoral activities.


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