September 9 : World EV Day

World EV Day is observed on September 9 every year in order to mark the celebration of e-mobility.


  • On this occasion, special awareness campaigns are organised across the world in order to educate people regarding the benefits of electric vehicles.
  • It is a social media campaign which encourages drivers to recognise the benefits of electric vehicles.
  • It also encourages the drivers to make commitment that the next car they drive will be electric and not the one running on conventional fuels.
  • World EV Day works alongside the Green.TV’s EV Summit.

EV Summit

EV Summit brings together the e-mobility leaders from across the world together to brainstorm on how they can take electrification and sustainable transport forwards. It is organised by Green.TV.

History of World EV day

World EV Day initiative was created by sustainability media company Green.TV. First edition of the World EV day was observed in 2020.

World’s largest EV market

China is the largest EV market worldwide. Besides China, India is also emerging as next favourite destination for automotive companies. Indian government has also promised to offer all possible help to take electric vehicle industry forward. Currently, the automotive industry of India is the fifth largest worldwide and is set to become third largest by 2030.

India’s efforts for shift towards EV

India is already making efforts to shift towards electric vehicles. Recently, a leading electric vehicle & clean energy company, Tesla, announced to enter into India. Tesla has already incorporated its subsidiary, Tesla India Motors & Energy Pvt Ltd, in Bengaluru. Japan-based Suzuki also declared to launch its first EV in India while Tata Motors has plans to launch 10 electric cars by 2025.



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