UN’s largest Single Country appeal

The United Nations recently launched the largest country specific appeal for Afghanistan. The appeal was launched after Pakistan called the international organization to revive the banking system in the Afghanistan.

About the appeal

It is a 5 billion USD appeal. That is, according to the United Nations member countries, 5 billion USD is required to save Afghanistan. The United Nations members have appealed to save the collapsing services in Afghanistan.

Need for the appeal

Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Half of the Afghans are facing hunger. More than nine million in the country are homeless. Around 22 million are in need of assistance. 5.7 million Afghans are in need of help beyond the borders.


Absence of banking system in the country will lead to security concerns. Also, humanitarian agencies can operate in Afghanistan only if there is cash in the country.

Current Situation in Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan is highly changing. It is dangerous. It is to become more volatile. After the withdrawal of US troops in August 2021, the ability to help individuals has become highly limited. 90% of health clinics are to shut down. This is to threaten COVID-19 responses. It will also increase disease outbreaks in the country.

Hunger crisis

After the US left Afghanistan, the Taliban, which is also called Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan took control. After this, the international donors suspended their humanitarian assistance to the country. This led to drought and hunger crisis in the country. Also, the country is facing cash shortage. The food process are rocketing. The Afghanistan was dependent on foreign funds to pay its health workers, public servants, teachers, etc. The previous Afghan Government was depended on foreign funds for its 75% of public spending.



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