Union Cabinet approves Rs 5,718 crore World Bank’s Project STARS

On October 14, 2020, Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the project STARS aided by the World bank.

Key highlights

The cabinet has approved Rs 5,718 crores of aid from World Bank to implement project STARS. STARS is Strengthening Teaching Learning and Resources for States. The project is to be implemented by department of school education and literacy operating under Ministry of Education. The project will also setup and support the PRAKH, the national assessment centre.

About the STARS project

The project will cover Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Kerala. The focus and components of the project is aligned with national education policy 2020.

Project will improve overall monitoring of Indian school education system. It will shift the focus towards maintaining of outputs by Linking the disbursement of funds.

The STARS project has two major components. They are as follows

  • To support the ministry of education by incentivizing States through state incentive grants.
  • To strengthen Ministry of Education to capture authentic data on transaction, retention and completion rates of students.

The project supports ministry of education to establish the national assessment centre, PRAKH. The project will also include Contingency Emergency Response Component.

State level projects under STARS envisage to improve learning assessment systems, strengthen early childhood education, strengthen vocational education, strength in classroom instruction, career guidance and internships.

Measurable outcomes of the project

The measurable outcomes of the stars project are as follows

  • To increase number of students achieving proficiency in grade 3 language
  • To improve governance index scores
  • To improve Secondary School completion rate
  • To strength learning assessment systems


The program will benefit more than 250 million students in the country. The program will aid India in achieving its goal of providing education for all. The World bank prior to the programme has provided financial assistance of more than 3 billion USD to achieve this goal of India.


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