UN Panel in New Delhi to Address Road Safety Challenges for Delivery Agents

Measures to address road safety hazards faced by delivery agents, particularly those on two-wheelers operating under strict timelines for e-commerce orders, will be a focal point at a United Nations panel on road traffic in New Delhi next month.

Global Collaboration for Road Safety

The three-day conference, scheduled from November 4 to 6, is a collaborative effort by the Institute of Road Traffic Education and the Global Road Safety Forum of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, along with its Asia-Pacific counterpart, the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

International Participation and Key Issues

Approximately 23 countries are expected to participate in the conference, which will discuss road safety challenges arising from the increasing number of delivery agents. Topics include the operation of two-wheeler taxis and ambulances, regulatory and legal changes needed in the law, and concerns regarding the safety of vulnerable road users, such as two-wheeler riders and pedestrians.

Addressing Proliferation and Segregation

Experts will delve into the proliferation of delivery agents and propose solutions, considering the specific challenges they face while navigating strict delivery timelines. Additionally, the conference will explore the segregation of power-two wheelers and devise safety solutions for pedestrians on high-speed corridors.

Comprehensive Approach: Driver Training and Medical StandardsThe conference will emphasize the importance of driver training, establishing medical standards for driver fitness and certification, and defining the scale of injury and death resulting from road crashes. These discussions aim to formulate comprehensive strategies for enhancing road safety.

Global Road Safety Forum: A Permanent UN Body

The Global Road Safety Forum, as the only permanent body within the United Nations system dedicated to improving road safety, plays a crucial role. It is responsible for overseeing United Nations legal instruments that harmonize traffic rules, including the Conventions on Road Traffic and on Road Signs and Signals of 1968.



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