Presidency of Donald Trump

Joe Biden signs three Bills to change Trump-era rules

President Joe Biden has signed three separate bills on June 30, 2021 that dismantle part of Donald Trump era. Highlights These laws, Block payday lenders from avoiding caps on interest rates, Restrict climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions from oil & gas ..


Facebook removes Trump, Pence campaign ads featuring Nazi symbol

Facebook has removed campaign ads by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle, which is a symbol once used by Nazis to designate political prisoners, communists and others in concentration camps. The tech ..


North Korea carries out Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher Test

The Korean Central News Agency which is the official broadcaster of North Korea has reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw the test-firing of a “super-large multiple rocket launcher”. Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher The “super-large multiple rocket launcher” was ..

Kim Jong Un: US acted in “bad faith” at Hanoi

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated during his summit with Russian President Putin that US had acted in bad faith at Hanoi talks. The Hanoi Summit between USA and North Korea had taken place in February 2019 ..

Russia and North Korea challenge US role in denuclearisation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried his best to present to the world the first ever visit of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as historic. The main aim of the Russian President is to prove to the world ..

North Korea: Kim Jong Un sets deadline for US Summit

Kim Jong Un the North Korean leader has expressed his willingness for holding a third summit with the US President Donald Trump. He has also stated that the failure to reach conclusive terms which are acceptable to both may lead ..