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North Korea carries out Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher Test

The Korean Central News Agency which is the official broadcaster of North Korea has reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw the test-firing of a “super-large multiple rocket launcher”. Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher The “super-large multiple rocket launcher” was first tested in an exercise observed by Kim Jong about two weeks ago. The present ..

Kim Jong Un: US acted in “bad faith” at Hanoi

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated during his summit with Russian President Putin that US had acted in bad faith at Hanoi talks. The Hanoi Summit between USA and North Korea had taken place in February 2019 at Hanoi, Vietnam but the talks were ended suddenly without the joint-signing ceremony. President Trump ..

Russia and North Korea challenge US role in denuclearisation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried his best to present to the world the first ever visit of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as historic. The main aim of the Russian President is to prove to the world the Russian role in the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula especially as the North-Korean and ..

North Korea: Kim Jong Un sets deadline for US Summit

Kim Jong Un the North Korean leader has expressed his willingness for holding a third summit with the US President Donald Trump. He has also stated that the failure to reach conclusive terms which are acceptable to both may lead to a revival of tensions between the two nations. He stressed the fact that the ..

Kristjen Nielsen, the homeland security resigns

Kristjen Nielsen, the homeland security who enforced many of Trump’s border policies resigned. President Trump said on Tuesday that she will temporarily be replaced by Custom and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. Ms Nielsan was given the responsibility of implementing the controversial border wall in the US ”Mexico border. Ms Nielsan joined the Trump administration ..

End of Obamacare?

Obamacare program that offers health insurance to the Americans was offered to be tossed down. The Trump administration told the federal court that the Affordable care act was uncertain. Around 17 Demovratic attorneys have filed documents to defend the health law. In the ruling last December, the US District Court judge Reed O Connor agreed ..

President Trump threats to close Mexico border next week

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump has reiterated his threat that he will shut down the southern border of US with Mexico or huge sections of it if the latter does not put an end to passage of undocumented immigrants across the border with immediate effect. The President clearly stated that the ..

US General: North Korean Denuclearization inconsistent

The general incharge of the US troops of the Korean peninsula said that the North Korea is not testing. However the production of nuclear weapons and missiles has not been changes. President Trump said that he was in no hurry to reach the denuclearisation deal with the North Korean leader. The regional experts have also ..