Kim Jong Un: US acted in “bad faith” at Hanoi

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated during his summit with Russian President Putin that US had acted in bad faith at Hanoi talks. The Hanoi Summit between USA and North Korea had taken place in February 2019 at Hanoi, Vietnam but the talks were ended suddenly without the joint-signing ceremony.
President Trump had stated that the North Korean demand to completely lift all the sanctions had urged his team to walk away abruptly and no agreement could be reached. The officials of North Korea, however denied that they had put forth the demand of the complete lifting of sanctions. On his first ever summit with the Russian President Putin at Vladivostok port of Russia, Kim had said “the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the region is now at a standstill and has reached a critical point”.
Kim also warned about the situation returning to its original state as US had taken a unilateral approach in apparent bad faith at the recent Hanoi Summit which was the second DPRK-US summit. Kim added, “Peace and security on the Korean Peninsula will entirely depend on the US future attitude and the DPRK will gird itself for every possible situation.”
Russia has always urged US to ease the sanctions but US has accused Moscow of trying to help the North Korea to evade some of measures- an allegation which has been completely denied by the Russians. Last week, Pyongyang had asked for removal of Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State from the talks as they held him responsible for derailing the process.
President Putin at the end of the meeting reiterated that both US and Moscow support all efforts to bring down tensions on the Korean Peninsula and also prevent any kind of nuclear conflicts in the region. Putin also added that the North Korean regime wants guarantees of its security and preservation of its sovereignty. President Putin said that the world needs to return to a state where the situations of the world are determined by the international law and not the law off the strongest.
International experts have stated that the true reason behind Kim’s Russian visit was to gain some leverage in the next talks with US and to use Russia as a bogeyman if President Donald Trump went too far with his threats.


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