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Evidence of First Ear Surgery

A group of archaeologists have found 5,300-year-old skull in a Spanish tomb, that shows possibly the oldest evidence of ear surgery. Highlights Several cut marks are visible in the skull across the left ear canal. This implies that, surgery may have been done to relieve pain. It shows the evidence of two perforations, near its ..




Mehrgarh Culture

Mehrgarh is the oldest agricultural settlement in the Indian subcontinent Agriculture-based Neolithic settlements. Despite being the agriculture settlement, it used only stone tools, so is why placed in Neolithic Era. It flourished in the seventh millennium B.C. Mehrgarh is located on the Bolan River, a tributary of the Indus, at the eastern edge of the ..


Ancient Egypt Civilization

By 5000 BC, the Neolithic people living along the Nile River in Egypt had learned to farm and to raise cattle. One of the first civilizations from around the world developed from this primitive culture. This civilization, which developed in Egypt was called “the gift of the Nile.” This great river watered the land along ..


Inventions of the Bronze Age

Inventions of the Bronze Age include making better tools.  As long as man was dependent upon stone tools, he was limited in the kinds of work he could do. Stone tools and weapons broke easily. To make better tools, man needed a new, longer lasting material that could be molded more easily into different sizes ..


Changes in Human Life in Mesolithic and Neolithic Age

The Palaeolithic age ended by around 8000 BC. After this, a new phase in man’s progress toward civilization started. This age is called Mesolithic (Middle Stone) or the Mesolithic period. Prior to this, the glacial ice retreated and the forests expanded to the north. Invention of Microlith During Mesolithic phase, some important inventions appeared. One ..


Advances made by Man in New Stone Age

About 8000 B.C. another period in man’s progress toward civilization began. This was the Middle Stone Age, or the Mesolithic period. Before the beginning of this age, the glacial ice retreated and the forests expanded to the north. A few important inventions appeared. One was the microlith, a small, pointed blade of stone used for ..