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Vermin means wild mammals and birds which are harmful to crops, farm animals or which carry disease. In India, wild animals can be declared as vermin if they have become (i) dangerous to human life or property (including standing crops on any land). (ii) become disabled or diseased as to be beyond recovery. Using these ..


Rodents that detect TB faster than human

It African giant pouched rat which is capable of identifying positive samples of pulmonary tuberculosis. the rodent is a member of the Muroidea rodent super family that includes hamsters, gerbils, mice and the common kitchen rat. After training, the rodents can detect a distinctive odor in just 200th of a second  and are already saving ..


Origin of the Singing Mice discovered

Scientists discovered the origin of singing mice that use songs to communicate. The discovery can help identify genes that affect language in humans. The singing mice are brown fur rodents, found in the tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Costa Rica. These mice produce rapid-fire string of high pitched chirps called “Trills”, which are ..