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India classifies Dawood, Azhar, Saeed as Individual Terrorists under UAPA

The Indian Government has classified several dreaded terrorists like Masood Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim, and Hafiz Saeed as individual terrorists under the UAPA Act. This decision was taken nearly a month after the Indian Parliament allowed this crucial amendment to the UAPA law. What has happened? The Indian Union Government has declared Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed ..


Mass Bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter

The Sri Lankan government has declared an immediate curfew across the entire nation in the wake of recent bombings which have been labelled as the worst in the decade. The country has been gripped by a series of blasts which took place both in and around the national capital. Three blasts took place in three ..



NSG Plans two Ultramodern Commando Units of Black Cats

The National Security Guard (NSG) Set up in 1984 India’s federal contingency deployment force mainly to tackle terrorism situations, which were beyond the control of state police and other central police forces. Known as Black Cat commandos NSG is a task-oriented force and is meant for use only in exceptional conditions. In the beginning, the ..



Quick Fact Sheet : National Security Guards

Guest Post by : Sandeep Jogula, [Civil Service Aspirant] The National Security Guard (NSG) is a Special Response Unit in India that is primarily utilized for counter-terrorism and anti-hijacking operations. Functions: Neutralization of terrorist threats. Handling hijacking situations in air and on land. Bomb disposal (search, detection and neutralization of IEDs). PBI (Post Blast Investigation). ..