Cooperative Federalism

Scope, Contour and challenges for Cooperative Federalism in India

India opted for quasifederal structure after independence. Although the term ”federal” has not been mentioned in the constitution but the working of Indian democracy is essentially federal in structure. Three Phases of Indian Federalism Working of Indian federalism is divided into three phases: 1947 to 1967: This phase had single party dominance. Congress government was ..


Competitive Federalism in India

In a departure from the past, the present NDA government is stressing on the need to leverage the potential of cooperative and competitive federalism for achieving all round inclusive development in India. It is in this context we need to examine the concepts of cooperative and competitive federalism and the issues surrounded them. Background India ..

Strengthening the Cooperative Federalism

How in the changing dynamics of democratic process the Centre-State relations is featured crucial to Indian Polity? Discuss the steps taken by the government recently to revamp the cooperative federalism in the reference to 14th finance commission report.