UN World Drug Report 2022

The World Drugs Report 2022 was recently released by UN Office on Drugs and Crimes. As per report, legalization of Cannabis has increased its daily use and related health impacts. Key Finding of the report The report highlights the expansion ..



EU: Malta legalises cannabis at home and for personal use

Malta has become the first country in European Union to legalise cannabis at home and for personal use. Highlights Under the new law, Malta has allowed people aged 18 and above to have up to seven grams of cannabis. They ..


UN World Drug Report 2021

World Drug Report 2021 was released by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). As per the report, 275 million people used drugs across the world in 2020. Key findings of report As per the report, 36 million people ..


What are synthetic cannabinoids, that China banned recently?

The Chinese Government recently announced that it is to add the Synthetic Cannabinoids to the list of banned drugs in the country. This is being done to curb the trafficking and manufacturing of the drug. In simple term, the Synthetic ..


UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, which comes under the UN Economic and Social Council, is the apex drug policy-making body within the UN. It has vital functions in the international drug control conventions. This commission’s 53 member states have ..


New classification of Cannabis by UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs recently removed Cannabis from Schedule IV category of the 1961 Single convention on Narcotics (1). This was done to recognise the medicinal values of the plant. Though cannabis has been removed from Schedule ..