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300 crore compensation package to the victims of violence hit Assam : PM

A 300 crore compensation package for the violence hit people of Assam has been announced by the Prime Minister. The package includes Rs 100 crore for relief and rehabilitation in the worst affected districts. What happened in Kokrajhar? There occurred clash b/w the local Bodo community and the Muslims. The violence erupted when two Muslims ..

News Today : June 24, 2011

Export of 5 Lakh Tonnes of additional sugar under OPG (Open General License) allowed by the Centre Central Government allowed export of 5 Lakh Tonnes of additional sugar under the Open General Licence EGoM, headed by Pranab Mukherjee (Finance Minister) also decided to release 50 lakh tonnes of foodgrains for sale to above poverty line ..

News Today May 1, 2010

Appointments:Yale World Fellow 2010: Subhashini ChandranSubhashini Chandran,CEO of the Woodbriar Group and the Managing Director of the Tea Estates India Ltd, has been named of one the 15 Yale World Fellows for 2010. UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations – Atul KhareAtul Khare a former IFS officer has been appointed by UN Secretary General Ban ..