WEF Survey: Indians support vaccine, mask mandate for workplace

On December 9, 2021, a global World Economic Forum (WEF) survey highlighted that, around 90 per cent people in India believe they & their colleagues at workplaces should be fully vaccinated while 93 per cent Indians agreed that they should wear mask at public places or in proximity with others, in order to be safe from covid-19.

Key Facts

  • The percentage of respondents from India, agreeing to such measures is much greater than the global average.
  • On an average, across the world, 78 per cent people want everyone in their workplace to be fully vaccinated while 81 per cent people are expecting everyone to wear a mask at public places.
  • On an average, around 62 percent people across the world would not feel comfortable going to work if such measures were not in place.
  • The survey was conducted on 14,500 employed adults across 33 countries during October 22 and November 5, 2021.
  • 81 per cent of Indians respondents said that; they would opt for frequent Covid testing if they are not vaccinated against the disease.
  • 12 per cent of workers across the globe would choose frequent testing instead.

Difference in Covid & workplace related behaviour

WEF survey also notes that, there are wide differences in Covid and workplace-related behaviour and attitudes across the globe.

Most Supporting Nations

Support for mask-wearing mandates, testing and vaccination is highest in Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Latin America and Saudi Arabia. While lowest in Central Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and United States.

Countries where workers are comfortable

Out of all the surveyed countries, the majority of workers are still comfortable going to work in case no protective mandates were in place across seven states namely, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US. In China, only 12 per cent of workers would be comfortable in this scenario while 18 per cent would quit their job or work remotely instead.




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