Israel launched Covid antibody tests for children aged 3

Israel launched antibody testing for children aged as three in order to get the exact number of unvaccinated youths who have developed antibody against coronavirus.

Key Points

  • These tests were launched in the backdrop of opening up of schools.
  • Despite increasing daily infections because of highly transmissible Delta variant, Government of Israel wants to avoid the hardships and developmental setbacks that are caused by school closures.
  • Israel already started vaccinating children aged 12 and above.

Serological survey in Israel

The national serological survey of Israel focuses on pupils aged between three and 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccination. They account for nearly 1.5 million in number. This largest serological operation of Israel conducted by a free 15-minute test. Test will be done by finger pin-prick.

Aim of the tests

Mass covid-19 antibody tests will be carried with the aim of discovering how many children developed strong antibody protection against coronavirus. Children with sufficient antibodies would not be forced to quarantine when they will be exposed to a Covid patient. Thus, it aims to limit school-year disruptions.

Who is conducting the survey?

This survey is being conducted the health ministry, education ministry and army’s Home Front command.

First country to launch vaccine

Israel was among the first countries to launch a vaccination drive in mid-December 2020 by an agreement with Pfizer. Under the agreement, Israel obtained millions of paid vaccine doses and in return it shared data on effectiveness of vaccines. Now, Israel is moving forward with a third, or booster shot for everyone over 40.




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