India-Myanmar Pacts

During the state visit of Myanmar’s president U Win Myint, 10 pacts were signed between the two neighbours in view of improving sub-regional connectivity in the Indo–Pacific region.

  • Which two places are to be connected by the India-Myanmar cross border bus service?

A cross border bus service is to be established between India and Myanmar from April 7th 2020 onwards. It is to connect Imphal in Manipur with Mandalay in Myanmar. India is to help in construction of an Integrated Check Point at Tamu.

  • What is the Land Border Crossing Agreement?

The Land Border Crossing Agreement was signed between India and Myanmar in 2018 to improving the ease of people’s movement across the border. The movement is based on valid passports and visas. There are 2 international crossing points at Moreh (Manipur)- Tamu & Zokhawathar (Mizoram)- Rih.

  • What is Bhabhatron II?

Bhabhatron II is a medical radiation equipment used for treating cancer patients. India has offered to provide the Bhabhatron II equipment to Myanmar for strengthening cooperation in the health sector. It is an indigenously developed telecobalt machine. It was developed by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.

  • What is the QIP scheme?

QIP or Quick Impact Project scheme is used by India to increase influence in foreign countries. These are capacity development works taken up by India and characterised by short gestation period and quick beneficial results. India offered QIP scheme to Myanmar.


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