Google joins hands with Prasar Bharati for AI-enabled Independence Day celebration

Google India has joined hands with Prasar Bharati in order to utilize Artificial Intelligence in the Independence Day celebrations in the country. The company plans to make the celebrations unique this year. In an attempt to make people remember the feeling of singing the National Anthem in school assemblies during their childhood, Google has announced this partnership in order to conduct this unique AI-Experiment.


The company is going to combine two ingredients in this experiment – one is the most cutting—edge AI work that the company has done with regard to music whereas the other is the voice of the participants. With these ingredients, the tech giant will use technology to produce the National Anthem of the country.

How will the system work?

The participants are only required to sing the National Anthem. After that, the technology deployed by the company will convert that voice into any of the three traditional instruments enlisted by Google – shehnai, sarangi or bansuri. The company has also given the option to the participants to make the choice of the instruments.

How will Google Manage this?

The company has informed that the experiment runs completely on the browser and on-device using TensorFlow and no personally identifiable information of the user is either collected or stored. The culmination of this experience would be released on August 15 to mark the 73rd anniversary of Independence Day of India.




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