China adopts New Border Law

For the first time, China has enacted a national law on “protection and exploitation” of country’s land border areas.

Key facts

Timing of the new border law is significant as China continues to be at loggerheads with India across the Line of Actual Control (LAC), separating both the countries.

Aim of the law

As per Chinese media, the new law has been enacted with the aim of maintaining national security and managing border-related matters at the legal level amid the regional tensions”.

About the New Border Law

  • The new border law will come into effect from January 1, 2022. It mandates People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China to counter any “invasion, encroachment, infiltration, [or] provocation” across the land borders of China.
  • The law also provides a legal framework for hard border closures, if needed.
  • The law requires the Chinese government to take measures for “strengthening border defence, supporting economic & social development and opening-up in border areas”.
  • It also calls for improvements in public services and infrastructure in border areas in a bid to “encourage and support people’s life and work there”.

How will the law impact India?

The Chinese law has been enacted in the backdrop of regional tensions across its border with India. As per reports, this law has a wide ambit with respect to border affairs. It clarifies government responsibilities, leadership system, and military tasks in territorial border work. China shares the land borders of around 22,000 km with 14 countries, along which disputes arising because of mismatch between its historical perception and ground realities of its territories. India shares a 3,488 km border with China, extending from Arunachal Pradesh to Jammu & Kashmir. The border with India is not fully demarcated. However, process of clarifying & confirming the LAC is in progress.




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