Supreme Court asks Government to follow its directions while appointing CBI Director

The Supreme Court has asked the central government to follow its directions while setting out the criteria for appointing the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The Supreme Court in its earlier judgment has already stated that the government should consider the persons belonging to the batches of four years commencing with 1979 to be appointed as the Director of CBI. Also, the person to be appointed should be with integrity and apt experience to be considered for the post.

The government had informed the court that the meeting for appointing CBI director would be held in the December end. The Supreme Court’s order has come in the wake of accusations made by NGO Common Cause which has accused the government for taking a long time in making such appointments including in the hearing of Lokpal.

The committee for appointing the CBI director would comprise of Prime Minister, the Leader of Opposition and the Chief Justice of India.

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