Standing Committee on IT to examine media ethics

The Standing Committee on Information Technology has decided to review ethical standards in the media coverage.


  • The standing committee also examines issues related to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
  • Committee took this decision after looking at several public complaints in functioning of media.
  • It will also study the impact of suspension of telecom services and Internet over the last five years in States like Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi in the aftermath of protests against the governments.
  • Functioning of the Prasar Bharati Organisation will also be reviewed.
  • Committee would also take up the issue of “challenges facing Indian film industry”.
  • Functioning and outreach of Doordarshan Channels and Bureau of Outreach & Communication (BOC) would also be looked upon by the committee.
  • Committee will also study the growth and opportunities of community radio stations.

Who heads the committee?

The reconstituted panel us headed by veteran Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

Functioning of Central Board of Film Certification

The Committee is currently reviewing the functioning of Central Board of Film Certification because, censorship requires changes with the advent of internet platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Committee will discuss the issues involved because many films and programmes are being released on such platforms.

Other subjects to be reviewed

  • Panel will take up the subject like “Citizens’ data security & privacy” and “Digital Payment & Online Security measures for data protection”. for review.
  • Functioning of Unique Identification Authority of India will also be reviewed.
  • The panel will also review cyber security scenario as well as Information Technology Act of 2000.


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