Quiz 276 : Latest Current Affairs

1.The National Commission for Heritage Sites Bill, 2009 which was recently introduced in Rajya Sabha seeks to constitute a National Commission for Heritage Sites to give effect to UNESCO Convention, 1972. In which year India ratified this convention?

2.Which among the following is incorrect about Cabinet system?
(A)The proceedings of the cabinet are kept secret
(B)The Prime Minister presides the cabinet meeting
(C)Members of the cabinet are chosen by the prime minister
(D)Inner cabinet has been stipulated by our constitution
(E)none of them is incorrect

3.What is the other name of Nhava Sheva, which is India’s largest port handling close to 50% of the country’s port traffic?
(A)Indira Gandhi Port
(B)Mahatma Gandhi Port
(C)Jawahar Lal Nehru Port
(D)Lal Bahadur shashtri Port
(E)None of them

4.Crude Oil, Petroleum Refinery Products, Coal, Electricity, Cement & Finished (carbon) steel make the Index of Six core industries of India which as per the recent data has posted a growth of 3.5% in October 2009. What does this Index has weightage in Index of Industrial Production of India?
(A)25 %
(B)26.7 %
(C)27.6 %
(D)29.8 %
(E)31.2 %

5.What is Government of India’s stake in MTNL ?
(B)53.56 %
(C)56.25 %
(D)62.45 %

6.To ensure a hassle free flow of funds for Saakshar Bharat Scheme to the implementing agencies up to the Gram Panchayal Level by utilizing the Core Banking System of the Banks, the National Literacy Mission Authority has tied up with how many banks recently ?

7.In context with the Indian railways what is TPWS?
(A)Train Passenger Warning System
(B)Train Protection Warning System
(C)Train Protection Warning Stopper
(D)Transmission Protection warning Stopper
(E)None of them

8.To improve upon the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in coaches on Indian Railways, On Board Housekeeping Services (OBHS) scheme has been introduced in how many pairs of Indian Railways as per a recent report ?

9.What fraction of jute produced in our country has been reserved for use in Jute Packaging Material for packaging of foodgrains under the Jute Packaging Material (Compulsory use in Packing Commodities) Act, 1987 ?
(E)36 %

10.Which among the following cities of Uttar Pradesh is internationally famous for its wood carving work cottage industry?
(A)Modi Nagar
(E)None of them

11.Which among the following authority decides upon any issues regarding the revision of fee collected as Development Fee from Airports in India?
(A)Airport Authority of India
(B)Airports Economic Regulatory Authority
(C)Ministry of Civil Aviation
(D)Secretary , Ministry of Civil Aviation
(E)None of them

12.Under which of the following the construction and other works for Commonwealth games 2010 are being implemented for R.K. Khanna Stadium, New Delhi?
(A)Sports Authority of India
(B)University of Delhi
(C)Jamia Millia Islamia University
(D)All India Tennis Association
(E)Delhi Development Authority

13.What is the main objective of Special Area Games Scheme (SAG)of the Government of India under the aegis of Sports Authority of India (SAI)?
(A)To promote the ancient and traditional sports of India
(B)To develop sports complexes in the rural and remore areas of the country
(C)To provide financial assistance and scholarship to the sportspersons belonging to backward area
(D)To scout natural talent from remote, tribal and hilly areas of the country
(E)All of the above

14.At present there are how many SAG Centres in the country under the Special Area Games Scheme ?

15.For a project on which of the following rivers in India , Pancheshwar Development Authority is being established jointly by India and Nepal ?

16.USHA scheme is in implementation under which of the following ministries of Government of India?
(A)Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(B)Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
(C)Ministry of Labour and Employment
(D)Ministry of Rural Development
(E)Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

17.At which of the following places is located CBI Academy ?

18.From which of the following continent / region G20 developing nations has maximum number of members?
(C)Latin America
(D)Asia Pacific
(E)Middle east

19.Which among the following was the first Geographical Indications to be registered in India under the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999?
(A)Mysore rosewood inlay
(B)Darjeeling Tea
(C)Madurai Sungudi
(D)Chanderi saree
(E)Kangra tea

20.Apart from European Union , how many countries are participating in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) ?

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