Orundoi Scheme: Key Facts

The scheme is to be launched by the Assam government in 29 districts across the state. Through this scheme, the government seeks to empower women by transferring a minimum amount of Rs.830 each month directly to the bank accounts of the nominated female head of the household. More than 18 lakh beneficiaries have already been selected by the government under this scheme. This number is expected to reach 22 lakh after the inclusion of districts in the Bodoland Territorial Area.

The scheme was announced during the state budget 2020-21. It is to be implemented at an annual budget of 2400 crores of Rupees. The scheme is first of its kind in the country. According to the state government of Assam the scheme will suffice the basic requirement of Health and nutrition of a household. It will support the family to buy by 4 kg of pulses worth 200 rupees, medicines worth 400 rupees per month, sugar for 80 Rupees and fruits and vegetables for 150 Rupees.

The household owning tractor, four wheelers, fridge or TV are not eligible under the scheme. The amount to the beneficiaries under the scheme are to be directly transferred from the eKuber system of Reserve Bank of India.

What is eKuber system?

It is the core banking solution of the Reserve Bank of India.  The core banking solutions enable the banks to offer Customer centric services 24/7 from a single location. In simple words, the Core Banking Solution application of RBI is e-Kuber. This means that it is a day to day operation. (It is basically a software where RBI does all the transactions related to banking on daily basis). When money is transferred through e-Kuber system for a scheme, it reaches the beneficiary as soon as it is sanctioned.

It provides the tools and approach to make sure the data is collected at the single point of action and delivered to the point of decision.


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