Operation Interflex

On June 27, 2022, Operation Interflex began, which involves the United Kingdom (U.K.) and several other countries training nearly 2,000 Ukraine military recruits for five weeks. This initiative is part of the U.K.’s £2.3 billion commitment towards military aid and support to Ukraine, and is a collaborative effort between Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.

Areas of Focus in the Training

The training provided to the recruits under Operation Interflex focuses on several areas, including weapon handling, range activity, marksmanship, fieldcraft basics, field tactics, battle casualty drills, counter explosives, the laws of armed conflict, first aid, and cyber security awareness. The aim is to give them the key skills and experiences to operate once they go back to Ukraine.

The Training Team

The Canadian-U.K. training wing for Operation Interflex is headed by Major Jürgen Miranda. The training is being delivered by more than 200 personnel, including 60 from Canada and 150 from the U.K.

Equipment Given to Trainees

Each trainee is provided with personal protective equipment, including helmets, body armor, eye, ear, and pelvic protectors, individual first-aid kits, field uniforms and boots, cold and wet weather clothing, bergens, day sacks, and webbing and additional equipment required for field conditions, including ponchos, sleeping bags, and entrenching tools.

High-Tech Military Equipment Supplied by the U.K.

Apart from providing training, the U.K. has also supplied high-tech military equipment to Ukraine, including 14 Challenger 2 tanks, AS90 and 28 M109 155mm self-propelled guns, hundreds of armored and protected vehicles, more than 10,000 anti-tank missiles (including NLAW, Javelin, Brimstone, and other anti-tank weapons), and multiple launch rocket systems.

Expected Number of Recruits Trained by Year-End

Around 20,000 recruits are expected to be trained by year-end under Operation Interflex. The training is aimed at building the necessary skills and knowledge base in the recruits to enhance Ukraine’s defence against Russia.



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