Odisha sets up COVID-19 dedicated hospitals with 1,000 beds

On March 27, 2020, the Odisha Government announced that it is to set up two COVID-19 dedicated hospitals under PPP (Public Private Partnership) model.


Around 84,000 people have returned from abroad in the state. There are so far three positive cases in the state. The Government forecasting the spread of the virus has prepared isolated dedicated hospitals under PPP model where only COVID-19 patients are to be treated.


The funds for the hospitals were brought in from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds. The Orissa Mining Corporation and Mahanadi Coal Limited (a Coal India Subsidiary) brought in Rs 500 crores.

Recently GoI had allowed the Corporates to use the CSR funds towards COVID-19 containment. Usually these funds are to be used by the corporate towards  social and economic development of backward region.

Lessons from Italy

Today, the COVID-19 spread at its fastest pace in Italy. This was because, Italy had close business tie ups with China. Also, Italy treated COVID-19 patients in general hospitals. This increased the spread of the virus. By studying this and to avoid such situation, Odisha has set up separate hospitals.

Other Measures

The Panchayats have kept 7,200 beds ready for quarantine and isolation purposes.


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