O-SMART Scheme: Tsunami Early Warning Centre providing services to 25 Indian Ocean Countries

The Union Minister of Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and Health and Family Welfare Dr Harsha Vardhan recently provided a written reply in Rajya Sabha. According to his reply, the Indian tsunami early warning Centre is currently serving 25 Indian ocean countries. This is being implemented under the O-SMART scheme of Ministry of earth sciences.

Key features of the O-SMART scheme

The following are the main features of the O-SMART scheme

  • O-SMART is Ocean Services, Modelling, Applications, Resources and Technology scheme.
  • The system generates and updates information on Marine living resources in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • It monitors free water pollutants. This data is then used for health assessment of coastal waters of India. The scheme also develops shore line change maps that help assist the coastal erosion due to anthropogenic activities and natural calamities.
  • It develops wide range of ocean observation systems. These systems in turn help acquire real time data from the seas in India.
  • It provides warnings, advisories and user-oriented Ocean information for the benefit of the society.
  • It develops Ocean forecast and Re analysis system.
  • The scheme develops technologies that are used to tap marine bio-resources.
  • It provides algorithms that help in validating satellite data related to coastal research.
  • It is responsible for establishing water treatment facilities along coastlines.
  • It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 5 research vessels that are deployed in Ocean survey monitoring and demonstration programmes.
  • The scheme is also carries out exploration of polymetallic nodules from the water depth of 5500 metres. This was allocated by the United Nations in the central Indian ocean basin. The International Organisation has a located 75000square kilometre of maritime area to carry out investigations of gas hydrates.

Indian tsunami early warning centre

the centre was established at Indian national Centre for Ocean information Services (INCOIS) Hyderabad. It operates under Ministry of earth sciences. The centre is currently providing Tsunami warning services to over 25 Indian ocean countries. This is being done under the the intergovernmental oceanographic commission of UNESCO framework.


  • The INCOIS has established strong motion accelerometers in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and global Navigation satellite system. 20 sensors help in quick and reliable estimation of earthquake sources.
  • It also conducts training and exercises on preparedness during tsunami conditions and create awareness about Tsunami.
  • It is also implementing the tsunami ready program full stop the program was introduced by UNESCO.


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