New Higher Education Institutes for open and distance learning recognized by UGC

The apex body of University regulation in India, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized a total of 14 new Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) which will provide new courses for learning & development through the mode of distance education.

While a total of 82 institutes had been recognized by the UGC earlier this year in May, the inclusion of these 14 HEIs had made learning easier and more convenient for people who want to learn but lack the means and time to do so.?

Is UGC authorized to do so?

Yes, while the distance education was earlier regulated by the Distance Education Council, the regulatory functions of the erstwhile council were transferred to the University Grants Commission by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in December 2012.

What is Distance Education?

  • The mode of educational instruction in which the students who may not always be physically present at a school is known as distance education or long-distance learning.
  • This is generally practiced by people who have a desire to learn but are unable to attend proper full-time school due to lack of time, resources or distances involved.?

While historically, the distance education usually involved the subscription of correspondence courses and the student corresponded with the school via the postal system, the advent of technology means that now, distance education can be carried over the internet.

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