Kharif Food Grain Production to touch 150.50 mn tonne in 2021

According to Agriculture Ministry, India’s food grain production is expected to touch a record of 150.50 million tonne in the Kharif season of 2021 with a better rice output.


  • In the Kharif season of 2020-21 crop year, food grain output consisting of rice, pulses & coarse cereals were at 149.56 million tonnes.
  • Record production is expected in rice, sugarcane and cotton.
  • However, production of coarse cereals and oilseeds is estimated to be lower during the Kharif season of 2021.
  • Production of pulses is likely to reach 9.45 million tonne in 2021-22 Kharif season as compared to 8.69 million tonne in 2020-2021.
  • Production of tur is estimated to reach to 4.43 million tonnes as compared to 4.28 million tonnes in 2020-2021.
  • Production of coarse cereals is likely to decline at 34 million tonnes from 36.46 million tonne in last year.
  • Maize output is expected to decrease at 21.24 million tonnes in 2021 as compared to 21.44 million tonnes in 2020.
  • Cotton production is expected to reach at 36.22 million bales (of 170 kg each) against 35.38 million bales in 2020.

Kharif Crops

Kharif crops or monsoon crops or autumn crops are domesticated plants and are cultivated & harvested in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh during the monsoon season in Indian subcontinent. Monsoon lasts from June to November. Monsoon rains starts as early as May in some parts of the Indian subcontinent. These crops are usually harvested from the third Week of September to October. Major Kharif Crops in India include- Rice, maize, and cotton.


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