Jharkhand government bans Popular Front of India (PFI)

The Jharkhand government has recently banned the Popular Front of India (PFI) in the state to curb its anti-national activities and for keeping links with terror outfits like ISIS. According to the government notification, the PFI is banned with immediate effect under the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1908. The decision to ban PFI has been taken after a review that its activities have increased and is dangerous to the state and the nation and it has the power to disrupt peace, communal harmony and secular structure. As per notification, the PFI has been involved in spreading social division, anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans, and links with ISIS and JMB. The PFI is an extremist and militant Islamic fundamentalist organisation in India, formed as a successor to National Development Front (NDF) in 2006.

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