Japan starts test run on world’s fastest-ever bullet train “Alfa-X”

Japan has started testing it’s fastest-ever shinkansen bullet train “Alfa-X”, which is capable of reaching 400 kilometres per hour (249 mph). The train is scheduled to go into service in 2030 and will run at speeds of up to 360 kph (224 mph). With this feat, it will become the world’s fastest bullet train. This bullet train will be even faster than Fuxing train in China, which runs 10 kph slower than Alfa-X. The model’s futuristic design features 10 cars and a long pointed nose. Alfa-X train is packed with the latest technological features like – vibration sensors, temperature sensors – and its distinct 72 ft long aerodynamic nose is dramatically elongated to minimise noise and pressure when passing through tunnels. ALFA-X also features sensors to reduce the impact of possible earthquake tremors.

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