ISRO 2024 Venus Mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is planning to launch a spacecraft to Venus in December 2024.

What are the objectives of the ISRO Venus mission?

  • To study what lies below the surface of the Venus.
  • To study Venus’ atmosphere, which is toxic and corrosive in nature as clouds of sulfuric acid cover the planet

What experiments are planned by the ISRO under the Venus mission?

  • Investigation of the surface processes and shallow sub-surface stratigraphy, including active volcanic hotspots and lava flows.
  • Studying the structure, composition, and dynamics of the atmosphere.
  • Investigation of solar wind interaction with the Venusian Ionosphere (where the atmosphere meets space).

Why December 2024 is suitable to launch the spacecraft to Venus?

If the spacecraft is launched in December 2024, orbital manoeuvre can be planned in 2025. In 2025, the Earth and Venus would be aligned in a manner that it would require minimum amount of propellant for the spacecraft to enter the orbit of the Venus.

When is the next similar window available?

A similar window to conduct the mission would next be available in 2031.

Which instrument will be used to study the surface of Venus?

High resolution synthetic aperture radar will be used, that will examine Venus’ surface, despite the clouds around the planet, which lowers visibility.

Is the sub-surface of the Venus studied till now?

No prior observation of the sub-surface of Venus has been done till now by any country. India will be flying the sub-surface radar for the first time, which will penetrate the sub-surface of Venus up to a few hundred meters.

What is Orbital manoeuvre?

Orbital manoeuvre is the use of propulsion systems to change the orbit of a spacecraft.

What is Stratigraphy?

Stratigraphy is a branch of geology in which rock layers and layering are studied.

Which is the hottest plant of solar system?

Even though Mercury is closer to the Sun, Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system.



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