Intel Unnati Data-Centric Labs

Intel has announced the launch of “Intel Unnati Program” on October 21, 2021 in order to help equip engineering students in India with data-centric skills that are relevant for industry.

Key Points

  • Intel has also planned to setup 100 Intel Unnati Data Centric Labs by the year 2022.
  • This program was launched in order to bring academia and industry together for addressing the skills gap in new age technologies.
  • Programme also focuses on technology inclusion and seeks to broaden the access to technology infrastructure for educational institutions in all tiers.
  • These educational institutions will also get a choice of lab variants to suit their budgets as well as on the basis of where they stand in their infrastructure and technology journey.

Features of Unnati Lab

  • Each Intel Unnati lab comprises of Intel-recommended hardware & software stack, course content and co-branded course completion certificates for students.
  • Presently, these labs are available for artificial intelligence (AI), AI Internet of Things (AIIoT) and FPGA solutions, with multiple other technologies in the pipeline such as smart mobility and security.
  • Through these labs, students will get access to cutting edge technologies such as server setup, IoT set ups, multiple funnels of data coming in etc.
  • It will also enable the leading-edge R&D capability to students in university premises. They will not require to wait for completing graduation and join company like Intel.

Which colleges are part of this programme?

Intel Unnati Program has been launched across 15 colleges which are in process to set up Centres of Excellence in their campuses. Currently, these labs are operational in 3 institutes like Galgotias University (UP), Vinayaka Mission in Tamil Nadu and OPJU in Chhattisgarh. Other colleges which are part of this programme are-

  1. IIIT Dharwad in Karnataka,
  2. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in Andhra Pradesh
  3. Amrita University in Tamil Nadu & Kerala
  4. Yeswant Rao Chavan Engineering College in Maharashtra
  5. T John Engineering College in Karnataka
  6. Marwadi University in Gujarat
  7. SRM University in Tamil Nadu
  8. Hindustan University in Tamil Nadu
  9. LPU in Punjab etc.


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